Civil Litigation

We can help you with your legal problems in and around Torquay, Torbay and the South West.

Robust and reliable civil litigation representation in Torquay

If you are embroiled in a commercial contract dispute, require debt collection or if you have a partnership or company dispute then you need the services of an experienced solicitor. Since 1920 Almy & Thomas Solicitors has been standing up for the rights of small businesses and individuals involved in civil litigation cases. Our team will make certain that your interests are fully protected. We work with clients throughout Torquay, Torbay, Newton Abbot and South Devon. 

Solve contract disputes quickly

Whether the dispute is between a business and an individual, shareholders, a joint venture or between business owners, Almy & Thomas Solicitors can help you reach a satisfactory outcome. 

Our expertise covers areas such as:

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Document interpretation
Determine the intended meaning of a written document.
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It speaks for itself that if you are unable to pay your creditors in time or at all then technically you are insolvent.
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A court order requiring a person to do or cease doing a specific action.
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enforcement options
The enforcement of a judgment that has been made. 

Leases, letting issues and commercial law

Issues arising in areas such as commercial law and partnerships often become acrimonious, resulting in lengthy, complex and expensive court cases. We can assist in disputes involving commercial leases and residential letting agreements, including rent arrears cases and property ownership matters. 

Negligence claims and partnerships 

Almy & Thomas Solicitors in Torquay specialise in all aspects of civil litigation, including setting up or dissolving partnerships and representing either claimants or defendants in negligence cases. If you feel that your rights have not been respected and are seeking to redress the matter, contact an expert civil attorney from Almy & Thomas Solicitors today.
Legal matters regarding civil litigation can be complex. To be sure your rights are fully protected, speak to a civil attorney from our office in Torquay on 
01803 299131
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