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We have a long and proud history of advising generation of families in and around Torquay, Torbay and the South West.

Expert legal services from Torquay’s most trusted local solicitors

When faced with a complex legal situation you need to ensure that your interests are fully represented and your rights are protected. Almy & Thomas Solicitors provide expert solicitor advice and professional legal services. We have been Torquay’s preferred local solicitors since 1920. Our team of skilled lawyers have a broad range of experience covering multiple legal areas. We offer comprehensive legal services at competitive prices. 

As ‘no win no fee lawyers’, we take pride in our policy of always delivering vigorous and dedicated legal representation that aims to secure the best outcome for our clients. If you need assistance with legal matters such as conveyancing, divorce proceedings, wills, personal injury lawsuits or employment law, you can depend on the specialists at Almy & Thomas Solicitors.

Our philosophy 

At Almy & Thomas Solicitors, our aim is to always deliver professional and dedicated legal representation for all of our valued clients. We take the time to get to know you individually in order to fully understand your needs and craft a precise and effective legal strategy. Our high standards and the level of care we provide means that we will always devote our full attention to all, resolving your legal matters in the manner that is most beneficial to you.

Our services

Expert solicitor advice

Are you currently involved in a legal dispute? Without professional solicitor advice from a respected, reputable and experienced law firm you run the risk of losing your case. Almy & Thomas Solicitors are the leading local solicitors in the Torquay, Torbay, Newton Abbot and South Devon areas. Speak to one of our experts today for a free initial 30-minute interview to discuss your case.
Are you contesting a legal matter? Make sure your rights are upheld. Speak to Torquay’s preferred local solicitors on 
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